System Features:

  • Available for CenterLine's® 2, 3 and 4 series nut weld units.
  • Fiber optics communicate data directly from electrode to the monitoring system.
  • No PLC or PC is required and there is no software to purchase.
  • Able to sense the presence of a single nut at the point-of-weld.
  • Capable of sensing piloted and non-piloted nuts.
  • Bypass switches to deactivate "gun open" and "single nut" sensors.
  • Able to detect when the weldgun has returned to the open position.
  • Available for "special electrodes" at a modest additional cost.
  • Standard components for quick turnaround time.

The CenterLine® Smart Electrode System can be integrated into simple, stand-alone applications or fully integrated monitoring systems. It is compact and easy to install with the aid of the detailed installation manual included with every unit and the tooling change required to incorporate Smart Electrode is minimal. Set-up and calibration are maintained electronically, no mechanical adjustments are necessary.

CenterLine® can assist in designing a Smart Electrode system for nearly any nut weld or stud weld application.