Low Noise:

Careful consideration of your working environment is one of our quality criteria which we have constantly improved. This is a key benefit of the rotary-type Nut Feeder.

High Capacity:

Excellent separating function. The DENGENSHA Nut Seperator using mini-cylinders accurately seperates the selected and aligned nuts one by one and provides high reliability.
Orientation device optional. In a case where orientation of Square or T-nuts is required, it is possible to feed them in a specified position with this device.
Holding a nut family - A nut is held at the end of the spindle magnetized by a permanent-magnet and fed positively to a locator even if the feeding angle and/or speed changes.

Other Options:

Bulk Hopper - In order to obtain additional capacity of nuts (bolts) in the bowl, it is recommended we provide a bulk hopper (particularly, for automated production lines).
Circuit for upside down feeding - A special sequence circuit is required for feeding a nut with projections up onto the electrode and then setting the workpiece.
Dustproof Vinyl Cover - As feeders are used in comparitively dusty environments, it is recommended to use dustproof vinyl covers to protect the bowl from dust which may cause machine trouble.