• Low impact (non-shock) advance to the work to minimize tool skidding, breakage and wear as well as part deformation;
  • Fully controllable force output to match specific applications
  • Compact construction to minimize air consumption and allow the cylinder to be positioned in confined work spaces
  • Automatic compensation for variable part positions
  • Simple construction and operation for ease of use and minimal maintenance
Bore Sizse 2" to 8"
*Ratio 79:1 to 1700:1 (thirteen standard ratios are available.
Stroke 1-1/2" to 8"
Mounting A variety of mounting styles are available
Rod Style Male and Female Threaded, Straight, Custom

*The ratio is the force multiplication factor that is used to determine the force generated by the cylinder. For example, a 156:1 ratio OHMA® piercing cylinder produces forces equal to 156 times the incoming air pressure. This means that operating the cylinder using 55 psi will produce (55 x 156) 8580 lbs. of force. Operating the same cylinder at 70 psi will produce (70 x 156) 10920 lbs. of force.
CenterLine now has a product configurator for its OHMA® Piercing Cylinders. This program takes the user through the selection process, from force calculation to the selection of a fluid reservoir. Please contact us if you have any questions.
The OHMA® Piercing cylinder can be custom designed to satisfy specific application needs. Contact CenterLine to receive a copy of our "Product Guide". This brochure will explain how the OHMA® Piercing cylinder continues to set the standard for air over oil intensified cylinder.