• Ability to function in any position
    A convenient, remote fluid reservoir supplies fluid to the OHMA® cylinder to allow it to operate in any orientation. Any air that enters the system will naturally be bled after one or two cycles. With the OHMA® cylinder, the application dictates its position....not the cylinder.

  • Compact & Efficient
    The compact size of the OHMA® cylinder results in substantial savings in air consumption. Compact machine designs can be developed to take advantage of the OHMA® cylinder's small physical size thus realizing additional savings (i.e., reduced frame size, shorter supply lines, etc.)

  • Extensive Force Range
    The OHMA® cylinder can be adjusted to produce a broad range of weld force outputs to overcome poor part fit and accommodate variable weld conditions.

  • Design Options
    Custom OHMA® cylinders can be manufactured to suit specific applications. Custom ratios, power strokes and rod end styles can normally be acommodated to maximize proces efficiencies.

  • Low-Impact
    The OHMA® cylinder's low-impact advance stroke results in prolonged electrode life, reduced part deformation and decreased overall shock to the equipment. With the OHMA® weld cylinder, electrode skidding can be controlled or even eliminated due to its low impact force.

  • Simple Construction & Operation
    With only two moving parts, the OHMA® cylinder is easy to operate and maintain. The simple design of the cylinder is easily serviceable and does not require special skills, tools, or equipment.

  • Dependability
    The OHMA® cylinder is a proven product. Its rugged, dependable construction is intended for long term, demanding applications. With a program of routine prevetitive maintenance, the OHMA® cylinder will provide reliable, trouble-free operation for years to come.