Worn tapers in electrode holders can be reworked with this high speed steel reamer available in a variety of sizes. Quickly finish, shape and widen holes in metal with quality reamers from DATECH, Inc.. Browse an extensive collection here, from hand reamers for jobs that require a manual touch to chucking reamers for heavier-duty tasks. You'll find reamers made from tough materials like carbide, high-speed steel and cobalt. Choose helical, spiral and straight flute styles and opt for both straight and Morse taper shank types. We also offer reamer storage solutions in our reamer accessories.


Gauges eliminate the shortcomings of computing weld pressure. This 1/4 inch, 4,000 Max PSI, Steel Case Cylinder Pressure Gauge is one of several gauges we have to offer. Let us know what gauge you need and we will get it to you as quickly as possible.

Nylon Socket Head Insulators

These nylon socket head screw insulators are used on fixtures and machines when the copper needs to be insulated from the rest of the machine.

Male Cap Extractor

The beveled edges are radiuses to match the shank diameter, increasing wedging action and eliiminating jaw adjustments. Jaw openings contact most of the shank circumference instead of only two point, reusulting in much less damage to the shank and tips.

Electrode Extractors

Electrode extractors are used for removing caps from shanks and die bodies.